Welcome to the web log for business process improvement hosted by whataboutquality.com.

This web log is open to any individual who wants to learn about methods to improve their business performance.


Here you will learn tools and methods to reduce the cost of delivering your services and products as well as how to deliver them more effectively.


Times are tough; there is no doubt about it.  More than ever, your team has to improve just to survive.


Improvement is a process. 


This web log will deliver daily doses of tips, tools and methods to help you look at the way you do the work you do, measure performance, analyze the causes of your issues and improve key processes by eliminating those causes of your issues.


We welcome your postings, replies, questions, concerns and comments.  Your input, as leaders of organizations will help us focus our information and solutions.


Through a dialog, we together will reveal and take advantage of theses opportunities in your business process to help you deliver your products and services and satisfy your customers more effectively and efficiently.


Our job is to provide an environment where you are encouraged to share your ideas so we can take an improvement journey together.


Our goal is twofold:  1) to develop a much better sense of where the issues are in your organization and 2) facilitate a systematic, effective process to achieve a competitive level of performance, even in the most challenging economic times.


Let the journey begin!


About Michael R Weekes

With more than 25 years experience in business process improvement, Mike Weekes is known as the couch-potato-turned-marathoner. Mike helps organizations in the NFP, manufacturing, healthcare, government / education domains to save more than $200,000 a year in operational expenses using a simple philosophy: EVERYTHING IS A PROCESS.

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