Survey Results – Quality Matters Most – Economic Downturn Hurts Profits – Opportunities for Improvement





In a recent poll, conducted by of 89 partner organizations representing a diverse mix of service, product, profit, non-profit, geographic regions, employee count, revenue, income, several interesting results were revealed.


Trends / Indications


The first fact that was clear: we are indeed a service society, with 40% of the participants represent purely service and the entire balance of firms representing both product and service provision.





The next unfortunate result is that more than 75% of all organizations surveyed have confirmed that the economic downturn is affecting their bottom-line profitability, and 50% of all firms reporting said those negative effects were significant.


When respondents were asked what few key characteristics defined quality, in the eyes of their customer, the most popular response was:  the product or service met my requirements.  The next two most popular responses were:  it worked like I expected and it was a good value, worth what I paid for it. 


These three characteristics represented how 80% of customers define quality.




When asked how the respondent would describe the quality of their service, the predominant response was: best in class.  Obviously firms believe their offerings to be superior in quality.  All responses were at least: above average.  No firm believes there to be issues with the quality of their service or products.



When asked if there was room for improvement in their operating costs, 60% of those responding said yes, and 40% said they felt their costs were under control.


40% of the firms surveyed said they were struggling to maintain income and 20% said they were profitable, but concerned. 



Overall, Delivery and pricing were not as important or as much a concern or issue as Quality.



Actual Data


Do you offer product(s), service(s) or both?


40%  services

60%  both


How much is the economic downturn affecting business?


50%  significantly

25% slightly

25%  none


How would you define QUALITY in the eyes of your customer?


40%  met my requirements

20%  good value

20%  it worked like I expected

10%  competent staff


5%   on time delivery

5%   competitive price


As far as the QUALITY of your product or service, would your customers describe your QUALITY as:


60% best in class

40% above average


As far as the DELIVERY of your product or service, would your customers describe your ON-TIME DELIVERY as:


40%  best in class

20%  above average

20%  average

20%  unimportant / n/a


As far as the COST of doing business, would your Owner / Management Team describe your COST of doing business as:


40%  above average

60%  opportunity for improvement


As far as the PRICE of our products or services, would your Customer describe your PRICES for products or services as:


80%  above average

20% average


How would your describe your firm’s financial performance (INCOME) situation?


40%  struggling

20%  profitable but concerned

40%  profitable, not concerned

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